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Stay Warm this Winter: Tips for Winter Riding Apparel

Withstand the elements and keep comfortable the Mountain Horse Rider Jacket! It’s tough going outside and braving winter weather to take care of your horse and ride. It’s especially difficult knowing exactly what to wear to stay warm when you are grooming your horse, but won’t make you overheat once you start riding. The best way…

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Winter Riding Boots

Winter Riding Boots Some of our Facebook Fans have asked for recommendations on Winter Riding Boots.  Here is a selection of our top-selling Winter Riding Boots in a range of styles and price points. Short Winter Riding Boots Laced Paddock Boots Style: Economic: TuffRider Ladies Snow Rider Laced Paddock Boots. Tuffrider™ Ladies Snow Rider Lace Paddock Boots. …

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