Product Guides

Need to update your riding gear, or are you new to riding or horse ownership? Check out our handy product guides for the right products to get you started.

Getting Started: Basic Gear for Beginning Kids Find out what items your child needs to start riding lessons, as well as how to choose the right riding apparel.

Stay Warm this Winter: Tips for Winter Riding Apparel Discover the basics of Winter riding gear, from insulated breeches to boots to helmet covers.

How do I Choose a Riding Helmet? Find the perfect riding helmet for your discipline and riding style.

Boots, Boots, Boots, What to Choose? Learn about the different types of horseback riding boots and find what type is best for your riding style.

Combat Common Winter Ailments with a Regular Grooming Routine Don't let the Winter weather harm your horse with a common sense routine.

Blanketing for Your Breed Whether you have a 12.2 hand Shetland or a 19 hand Shire, find the best blankets for your horse's breed type.