Horse and Rider Jumping

Interview with Essex Classics Founder, Cathy Sacher

  Founded in 1985, the Essex Classics show shirt is a top choice among many of today’s biggest competitors. Founder and CEO, Cathy Sacher, talks about her passion for the equestrian sport and dedication to constantly improving upon a traditional icon.  Q: So, let’s start at the beginning.  What inspired you to get into the equestrian shirt…

Get On The Trail

Trail riding can be a great and rewarding experience for both horse and rider. Getting out of the ring helps horse and rider gain confidence as well as build trust in one another. If you are looking to hit the trails but aren’t sure where to go, there are several ways to find some great…

English Saddle

Ask The Equine Vet: Saddle Fitting

It has been said that a correctly fitting saddle is as important to an equine athlete as correctly fitting shoes are to a human athlete.  In fact, proper saddle fitting is important for both horse and rider.   The saddle on our horse’s back is our connection to him when we are riding.  Anatomically, that…

Horse and Dog

No Dog and Pony Show: Tips for Horse Show Dogs

Many horse people are also devoted dog people, and dogs and horses have been companions throughout history. Travelling with your dog to horse shows can be a fun and exciting experience all around. In order to ensure that the show is fun for everyone involved, you’ll want to make sure you and your dog are…

Interview with Ariat Brand Director, Jenni Smith

By blogequest | April 16, 2014
Endurance Rider on Horse

The Equestrian Collections team had the privilege of speaking with Ariat Brand Director Jenni Smith for insight into Ariat as a company, their values and goals for the future. Having just introduced the “Know Where You Stand” campaign, Ariat is very much aware of its place in the market and where it wants to go…

Ask the Equine Vet: Grazing Muzzles and Metabolic Syndrome

By blogequest | April 10, 2014
Horse in Pink Grazing Muzzle

Does My Horse or Pony Have Metabolic Syndrome? We’ve all seen them, the horse in the field looking like Hannibal Lector in a muzzle. It’s not keeping them from biting; it’s keeping him from eating! Grazing Muzzles have become an unfortunate necessity for many horses today. Much like people, horses are suffering from the effects…

Beyond the Hunter Braid: Braiding for Long Manes

By blogequest | April 9, 2014

Author: Debby Stansell, Alaria Moss Gypsy Horses There is  nothing like a long  flowing mane and tail, all clean, sparkling and  blowing in the wind, to make a horse lover’s heart smile, but sometimes, that long mane is not appropriate or comfortable. If you are showing in some types of horse show classes, you will want a more “controlled” look, or on summer trail rides, you…

Choose Your Favorite Horse Selfie

By blogequest | April 3, 2014

The second phase of the Equestrian Collections Horse Selfie Contest starts now. Choose your favorite horse selfie from our pick of the top three. The winner will receive a Perri’s Soft Padded Halter. Voting runs through April 7th so vote now!   [polldaddy poll=7938897]  

Getting Ready for Your First Horse Show

By blogequest | April 2, 2014
Horze Shania Pre Tied Stock Tie

Getting ready for your first show is an exciting experience, but it can also be overwhelming. For your first show, your trainer is your best resource for choosing what to wear as some shows are more formal than others. In this guide we offer a general overview for standard show apparel for the hunter and…

Ask the Equine Vet: Rain Rot

By blogequest | April 1, 2014

Every horse owner has experienced or knows someone whose horse has experienced Rain Rot. Those painful, oozing, crusty scabs that can seemingly appear overnight and seem to spread at the speed of light. What is Rain Rot? Dermatophilosis, more commonly referred to as “Rain Rot” is an infection of the epidermis of the skin by…

Spring Cleaning

By blogequest | March 26, 2014
Clean Barn Aisle

Spring is here, so now it is time to air out the barn, clean and fix all of the horses’ blankets, clean tack, and organize. Here is a handy guide to help you get rid of winter and embrace the warmer weather. Blankets If your blankets don’t have rips and tears where the stuffing is…

Ask the Equine Vet: Foals: What to Watch For–The first few hours, the first few days

By blogequest | March 21, 2014

The spring season brings with it the long awaited arrival of foals. Once your mare and foal have bonded it is time to do a thorough examination of the foal to make sure that everything is within normal limits. Vitals The initial exam should consist of a TPR (temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate). Newborn foals,…

Ask the Equine Vet: Equine Foaling 101 or “Happy Mother’s Day”

By blogequest | March 20, 2014

You paid your stud fee, ensured that your mare is pregnant, gave her the best medical care and nutrition during her pregnancy and patiently waited almost a year. Now the time has come for her to foal. What should you know and do to make sure that all of her (and your) hard work results…

English Saddle Pads: Choosing the Perfect Pad

By blogequest | March 19, 2014

Choosing a saddle pad is more than just choosing a decoration for your horse.  At their most basic level, saddle pads help to protect your expensive saddle from dirt and horse sweat. New designs can also protect your horse’s back, or help to correct the fit of a saddle, which can make a real difference…