De-shedding the Yak: Spring Grooming

Although the weather outside is still lightly snow-covered and cold, Spring is right around the corner; there’s no easier way to tell that Spring is coming than going to groom a horse. A simple swipe of the neck leaves a handful of loose hair, and a regular grooming session creates a cloud of hair, dust…

Winter Riding Gear Checklist

Cold weather doesn’t have to halt your enjoyment of riding. While riding during the Winter may require more preparation than riding during warmer temperatures, it also has its own special rewards. The first step to enjoying your Winter riding is to ensure that you and your horse are dressed for the weather. Fortunately, there have…

Breyer Holiday 2014 Horse

Ask the Equine Vet: Holiday Hazards

Author: Sallie S. Hyman, VMD, DACVIM, CVA The holiday season is upon us. For many people, this means the fun and creativity of decorating the house for each holiday. And for many, it also means decorating the barn, or at least their own horse’s stall. While getting our equine friends into the holiday spirit may…

Girl sitting in barnyard.

Discover the Versatile Country Boot

As Summer draws to a close and the days start to get shorter, boot season is just getting ready to start. Of course, for many horseback riders every season is boot season, but during the Fall and Winter seasons one has even more excuses to wear boots all the time. One of the most versatile…

Ask the Equine Vet: Equine Leg Protection

By blogequest | May 30, 2014
Horse in Polo Wraps

The distal limb of the horse is a delicate structure comprised of not much more than bone, tendon/ligaments, and skin. There is little natural protection for this area, unlike more proximal portions of the leg where thick muscles cover the area and protect the underlying structures from injury. The main structures of the distal limb…

Ask the Equine Vet: When is it Too Hot to Safely Ride My Horse?

By blogequest | May 29, 2014

When is it too hot to safely ride my horse?  Knowing how your horse thermo-regulates will help you better understand how to keep him cool. Horses’ bodies produce heat when they work. They have several mechanisms that get rid of this heat. The most important mechanism is evaporation. Most heat is generated from a horse’s…

Affordable European Fashion From Horze Equestrian

By blogequest | May 28, 2014
Molly Paladino Jumping Her Horse

Horze Equestrian, a branch of the well-known harness racing equipment manufacturer Finn-Tack, has been around since 2003. The company launched after the horse enthusiast owners of Finn-Tack decided to broaden their company to meet the demands for English riders and horse owners alike. The clothing designers, made up a team of equestrians who also rode…

Summer Horse Camp Survival Guide

By blogequest | May 21, 2014

Is your child going to an equestrian summer camp? Keep your child safe and happy while at summer camp, without spending a fortune with our handy guide. Two of the most important items your child will need are an ASTM certified helmet and a pair of boots with a low heel. These items will help…

Four Steps to a Choosing a Perfect Show Coat

By blogequest | May 15, 2014
Girl Jumping Horse

Choosing a show coat can be a lengthy process, with a variety of styles, colors and fabrics available. There are four basic steps to choosing a show coat for riding. Style of Coat: Disciplines Rule All The first step that you’ll want to consider is your riding discipline, most disciplines have a specific style or…

Ask the Equine Vet: All About Lyme Disease in Horses

By blogequest | May 9, 2014
Deer Tick

Borrelia burgdorferi, the causative agent of Lyme disease, is maintained in a complex life cycle of small wild mammals and immature stages of the black legged tick, Ixodes scapularis (formerly called Ixodes dammini) and Ixodes pacificus. Larval and nymphal stages of the tick acquire the organism when they feed on infected mice. Adult ticks feed…

UV Protection for Riders

By blogequest | May 7, 2014
Asmar Ladies Short Sleeved Polo Shirt

It’s that time of year again, when the weather is warm and the sun is in full force. Instead of wasting valuable time re-applying sunscreen or worrying about the sun’s harmful rays hurting your delicate skin, you can wear clothing that has Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) in the fabric. While sunscreen provides Sun Protection Factor…

Rolex Kentucky 4* 3 Day Event Wrap-Up

By blogequest | April 30, 2014
Horse and Rider jumping wooden duck

Attending the Rolex Kentucky **** 3 Day Event is a trip worth making for any equestrian, regardless of their preferred discipline. As the only 4* event in the Western Hemisphere, Rolex Kentucky draws the best horses and riders in the world with expected crowds of 60 to 70 thousand people. The atmosphere of the show…

Battle of the Bugs

By blogequest | April 23, 2014
Centaur Crochet Horse Ear Net

Spring is here, which means that the bugs will be back too. Those pesky flies have bothered humans and their horses since the beginning of time. Luckily, there are measures that you can take to keep the bugs at bay. Fly Masks A great way to keep flies off of your horse’s face and out…

Ask the Equine Vet: Dental Care for Horses

By blogequest | April 18, 2014
Dentist with Horse

Dental care is critical for the health and wellbeing of your horse. Horses prehend and chew their food with their teeth, turning fibrous grasses into digestible calories and energy sources. When something goes wrong with your horse’s dentition, severe medical problems can arise. Horses are obligate herbivores. Their diet consists entirely of plant materials, in…