Spring Horseware Collection

The Horseware Spring/Summer Collection for 2016 combines the bright colors of Spring with classic equestrian designs and an added touch of flair for a look that’s always on trend.

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Rolex Kentucky **** Three Day Event Wrap Up

What do you do when the weather is rainy and cold in the morning with thunderstorms predicted for the afternoon? Why you don as much rain gear as possible and head out to the cross country course to watch eventing with 30,000 other fans. Although the weather for this year’s Rolex Kentucky **** Three Day…

How to Choose a Summer Horse Camp

How to Choose a Summer Equestrian Camp

Choosing a summer camp your child will love can be a confusing task. In this guide we’ve compiled some ideas to help you find the perfect match for your horse-crazy kid.

Officinalis Photo Contest

Officinalis Photo Contest Does your horse prefer to be mud-brown over any other color? Do you regularly despair at grooming your horse? Now, your dirty horse could help you win big! Post a photo of your horse at his dirtiest and tag it with #ECDirtyHorse and you will be entered for a chance to win…

Equestrian Fashion Trends for Spring

When cold Winter winds give way to warm Spring breezes, it’s time to put away that dark Winter wardrobe and delight in the vibrant, fresh color of Spring styles. Fashion trends in the equestrian world take their cues from the regular style markets, with some unique style features taken from the historical traditions of the…

De-shedding the Yak: Spring Grooming

By blogequest | March 4, 2015

Although the weather outside is still lightly snow-covered and cold, Spring is right around the corner; there’s no easier way to tell that Spring is coming than going to groom a horse. A simple swipe of the neck leaves a handful of loose hair, and a regular grooming session creates a cloud of hair, dust…

Winter Riding Gear Checklist

By blogequest | October 27, 2014

Cold weather doesn’t have to halt your enjoyment of riding. While riding during the Winter may require more preparation than riding during warmer temperatures, it also has its own special rewards. The first step to enjoying your Winter riding is to ensure that you and your horse are dressed for the weather. Fortunately, there have…

Ask the Equine Vet: Holiday Hazards

By blogequest | October 3, 2014
Breyer Holiday 2014 Horse

Author: Sallie S. Hyman, VMD, DACVIM, CVA The holiday season is upon us. For many people, this means the fun and creativity of decorating the house for each holiday. And for many, it also means decorating the barn, or at least their own horse’s stall. While getting our equine friends into the holiday spirit may…

Discover the Versatile Country Boot

By blogequest | September 23, 2014
Girl sitting in barnyard.

As Summer draws to a close and the days start to get shorter, boot season is just getting ready to start. Of course, for many horseback riders every season is boot season, but during the Fall and Winter seasons one has even more excuses to wear boots all the time. One of the most versatile…

Interview with Essex Classics Founder, Cathy Sacher

By blogequest | August 7, 2014
Horse and Rider Jumping

  Founded in 1985, the Essex Classics show shirt is a top choice among many of today’s biggest competitors. Founder and CEO, Cathy Sacher, talks about her passion for the equestrian sport and dedication to constantly improving upon a traditional icon.  Q: So, let’s start at the beginning.  What inspired you to get into the equestrian shirt…

Get On The Trail

By blogequest | June 25, 2014

Trail riding can be a great and rewarding experience for both horse and rider. Getting out of the ring helps horse and rider gain confidence as well as build trust in one another. If you are looking to hit the trails but aren’t sure where to go, there are several ways to find some great…

Ask The Equine Vet: Saddle Fitting

By blogequest | June 20, 2014
English Saddle

It has been said that a correctly fitting saddle is as important to an equine athlete as correctly fitting shoes are to a human athlete.  In fact, proper saddle fitting is important for both horse and rider.   The saddle on our horse’s back is our connection to him when we are riding.  Anatomically, that…

No Dog and Pony Show: Tips for Horse Show Dogs

By blogequest | June 18, 2014
Horse and Dog

Many horse people are also devoted dog people, and dogs and horses have been companions throughout history. Travelling with your dog to horse shows can be a fun and exciting experience all around. In order to ensure that the show is fun for everyone involved, you’ll want to make sure you and your dog are…

Upperville Colt and Horse Show Wrap Up

By blogequest | June 11, 2014

The Upperville Colt and Horse show, located in the quaint town of Upperville, Virginia, has a rich history that dates back to 1853, making it the oldest horse show in the United States of America. Upperville is also considered to be one of the most prestigious shows in the country. The show originally started by Colonel…

Outfitting Your New Horse

By blogequest | June 4, 2014

Finding the right horse for you can be a long, time-consuming process, sometimes taking months or even years depending on your needs. Now that you’ve found your perfect horse, you’ll need to gear up for horse ownership. There are a number of new things that your horse and you will need. The Trip Home One…